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What to Look For in a Detroit Limo Provider?

Renting a limo can seem like a daunting task given the number of car services operating in the Metro Detroit Area. Reliability, safety and driver qualifications are just a few of the things people often concern themselves with when looking for the right company.

When searching for a limousine provider in Metro Detroit, you want to make sure you have a reputable one. The last thing you need to ruin your special occasion, like a wedding or big night out, is a bad limo, or one that does not even show up. Things you should look for...

- How long have they been in the limousine business?

- Talk to previous customers about their experience with the limo provider. Make sure you ask for people that utilized their limo services for the same kind of events, i.e. if you are using the limousine for a wedding, make sure you ask for wedding limo references.

- Price, you should certainly shop around. Here is a good reference point on limo rates in Detroit.

- Get everything in writing. A reputable limo company will provide you with a contract. This will protect you from and discrepancies down the road.

- Do a site visit to check out the condition their limousines are in. You want a clean vehicle for your special event, so doing your homework only makes sense.

- Ask for proof of insurance. Is the company insured incase of an accident.


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